The Mazie Morrison Foundation, an IRS-designated nonprofit organization, seeks to support and expand opportunities for women and girls to achieve their dreams and goals in any endeavor they choose. The foundation intends to provide scholarships in the area of outdoor activities, support existing and prospective opportunities for women to be involved, underwrite research, entrepreneurship, and provide educational opportunities.

This foundation has been created as a tribute to a woman who spent many of her days introducing family and friends to the wonders of the outdoors and all it offered her. The impact of all she was, and experienced, is the foundation for the creation of this effort to challenge women to be all they can be. Mazie made her corner of the world better through her own volunteer work in her community and her church, her adventurous and fun-loving spirit and her ability to draw people to her with her enthusiasm, her wit, her generosity and her concern for others.

The Mazie Morrison Foundation is pleased to announce it will begin accepting grant applications for support of women in the areas of Outdoor Education and Vocational Opportunities effective February 1, 2019. Are you pursuing a

degree, or continuing education credit in forestry, fire science, soil conversation, environmental issues and similar programs? Are you interested in a vocational training program to advance the skills you need to successfully perform a specific, skilled occupation?

If you are interested in applying, please go to the and click on “Forms”. The Grant Application form may be downloaded there as well as the form outlining the Grant Application Criteria, and any

additional information that may apply to your request. If you have specific questions please call the number listed below for additional assistance.

The deadline for accepting completed forms is April 15, 2019. Following a review by the Foundation board of directors, those who have been selected for support will be notified no later than May 1, 2019. We would advise you

compete and submit your application well in advance of the April 15th deadline to allow sufficient time for this review. Please make certain all accompanying data is included with the grant application.

Kaarin Simpson
Corporate Secretary
Mazie Morrison Foundation
2000 E. Victor Avenue
Visalia, CA 93292

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About Mazie Morrison Foundation

We provide match funding for Morrisons colleagues and offer grants to charities undertaking projects that improve people’s lives.

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Mazie Morrison Foundation - Photo Gallery
Mazie Morrison Foundation - Photo Gallery
Mazie Morrison Foundation - Photo Gallery
Mazie Morrison Foundation - Photo Gallery
Mazie Morrison Foundation - Photo Gallery


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